Illusionist Alexander Blade

The man who creates for you a miracle, not an illusion!


Alexander Blade was born in Holguin, Province of Oriente, Cuba in the year 1973, and from a very early age felt attracted to the art of magic. At the young age of 9 (nine) he took his first magic lessons.

By the year 1987, he was diligent in his studies of magic, acting and performance. He was enrolled in classes at a theater and shortly thereafter was offered an opportunity to participate in a presentation that involved theater and magic and through which he was able to demonstrate what he had learned. The show received an award for the performance by Alexander Blade, who, although still a student in middle school, had received invitations to two magic conventions by the end of the following year. At these two conventions, held in 1988, he received awards for his technique and agility of movement.

He was already a part of one of the leading dance and performance companies in Cuba by 1989, and was an important part of the show called “Ritual” which involved both contemporary dance and magic. The idea of incorporating magic in the dance theater was very important for Blade, who was awarded his own show in 1990. Also in 1990 he was made a member of both AHS (Asociacion Hermanos Saiz) and UNEAC (Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba), the leading Guilds of the country; these memberships afforded him the opportunity to join the troupe of performers who worked for the international tourism as well as landing him a Television program where he was able to further show his knowledge of the art.

Towards the end of the year, the program director, Lilo Vitaplana and the assistant director, Mariela, invited him to participate in a Cuban television program on channel 6, “Dando Vueltas”, an invitation that led to his being named the star of the show, in addition to being offered the opportunity to work in a brand new show that would be opening at the famous Tropicana Nightclub and subsequently this would lead to his traveling throughout the international hotels around the island with the Turarte Corporation, an option which he took. It was to this end that he wrote and choreographed is own show titled “Caribe Magic” and with that show was asked to transfer to the tourism hotels at the North end of the island where he also joined in and performed as master of ceremonies for the popular and well known Sol Melia; a Spanish group.

Alongside Sol Melia, Alexander Blade proceeded to perform at Rio de Luna, Rio de Mares, Playa Esmeralda, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo and an aquarium belonging to Fidel Castro, himself. His talents were recognized and he received an invitation to visit Argentina; after doing the necessary paperwork and going through the proverbial red tape, his visit out of the country was approved and upon arriving in Argentina, Alexander decided not to return.

Once settled in Buenos Aires, Alexander received his membership in EMA (Entidad Magica Argentina), a very prestigious magic society in the country, and he began to perform in important television shows on channels such as 7, channel 26, Telefe and America TV. Through his work in television, in 2001, he makes the acquaintance of Martin Argayo, an Argentinian producer, and through this acquaintance he is able to go on a performance tour to Villa Carlos Paz, Ciudad de Cordoba with a well known dancing actress, Alejandra Padron, and actor Juan Jose Camera.

The latter part of the year he also was an integral part of “El Show del Lagarto”, a peculiar show where through his magical acts Alexander Blade is recognized for his performing style which sets him apart from the rest, and he is signed to a contract by Luis Chela to perform magic on a television program titled “Café Fashion”, a leading comedy show of the country.

By the year 2002, Alexander started touring with his magic and left for Spain, France and Portugal, working at leading theaters in said countries before returning to Argentina. It is at this point in time that he meets Ernesto Dhue, of Ernesto Dhue Producciones, with whom he undertakes several projects for television and shows in nightclubs and theaters in Paseo La Plaza.

Fernando Keops gets in touch with Alexander in 2003 to take him on tour to Uruguay, Brazil and Costa Rica. Once again Alexander is off and this time it costs him a possible contract to perform on cruises for a well known cruise ship chain.While in these countries, he performs for several television programs on street magic, at numerous important theaters and stages and at the end of 2004 returns to Argentina to perform theater with a troupe known as La Colmena. At this theater once again Alexander writes a magic show which he also choreographs and performs.

In 2005 he meets illusionist and hand shadows master, Sonny Fontana. Sonny’s advice and suggestions bring an entirely new dimension to Alexander’s show and it is at this time that he decided to move with his family to the United States, where he has begun a new stage in his artistic life.

Alexander, having come to the United States, writes an entirely new show and begins to work with America TV. Subsequently he does some shows with GEN TV and then goes on to work with Maria Antonieta Colin at Telemundo.   Although he receives several offers from Univision, he decides this is not the right time for him to accept them.

In 2007, he goes on tour once again, this time performing in North and South Carolina. He also performed at numerous casinos and nightclubs at Niagara Falls, Canada. The year kept Alexander very busy with contracts and travel.

Dominican Republic was the next location that Alexander was asked to perform at. Songwriter, singer Gilberto Santarosa took Alexander on tour; his performances received a tremendous amount of publicity in the national newspapers and television of the country.

Subsequent to his performances in the Dominican Republic, he was invited to a very important magicians convention in Colombia, “Medellin Llena Eres de Gracia”. During his stay in Colombia, he had an opportunity to participate in over two dozen television programs, before a sold out Teatro Metropolitano, performed with other well known magical celebrities such as Marco from Panama, Sylvester the Jester and his close personal friend, Sonny Fontana, in addition to several local magicians.

They say there is no rest for the weary and this held true. Immediately upon his return to the U.S., Alexander was back on stage performing at the Seminole Hard Rock Café for a sell out crowd of 3,000. As always, rave reviews and standing ovations were received by Alexander Blade for his performance.

He is currently working on his best project to date alongside his Manager, Gustavo Cabrera, with whom he is writing, choreographing and finalizing details for a show without precedent; a show full of fantasy and fear; a show that will have the audience member sitting in a chair where they will feel as though they are virtually within a movie. This new show will debut in 2009 and will do so in Las Vegas, due to the complex technical needs of combining film, theater, action and horror all at once.

A well rounded artist; throughout his career he has grown in giant leaps in his art, which he has taken to many countries and which has afforded him the opportunity of sharing the stage with some greats of magic such as Fernando Keops, who besides being a friend is a brother to him; some others, listed her in alpha order, include Michael Ammar, Gaetan Bloom, John Calvert, Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Maria Ibáñez, Fantasio, Sonny Fontana, Mac King, Gustavo Lorgia, Rene Levand Max Maven; Gustavo Raley, Topaz, Tommy Wonder; and many more who form the group of friends and stars of the world of magic for whom Alexander Blade has a great deal of respect.

Alexander Blade has had several important performances which have been very significant to his career in various countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina. He has had countless important performances both for theater and TV

In recognition of his work the Society of American Magicians Assembly 280 and the Magic City Conjurers named him Magician of the Year in 2009 and the award was presented in January 2010.

Alexander Blade was hired in several magic conventions around the world in 2010, he also performed at several important television programs in the United States and other countries.

In 2011, Alexander worked in New York and Atlantic City for the prestigious automotive firm, Mercedes Benz, where he appeared a car from nowhere amidst the crowd.

He has been categorized by international critics as a Cuban-American magician that makes the difference and as one who represents both countries with an act that is totally different and unique as Van Helsing. In 2011 he was nominated for a Merlin Award and received recognition for immeasurable support and contribution to the field of magic in Mexico by Assembly 294 of the SAM and IBM Ring 382, FLASOMA affiliates and FISM, the most important societies in the world.

In this same year he began work on the creation of a character and style that only film can do with appearances of imaginary monsters, weapons, and which will mark the before and after of this Cuban American illusionist. The idea of ​​the character came from one of his greatest friends Mr. Sony Fontana. He was helped to transform his technique and dexterity by other greats of magic such as Fernando Cheops, Maria Ibañez, Americo Lorenzo, Kevin James, Jason Byrne, and Argentina illusionists Yanzi, Merpin and Daniel Garber.

The tireless work of Alexander Blade and his abilities with weapons and martial arts with this act was contracted to appear in Paris, France in the most watched TV program in the world of magic, Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde. Due in part to this and to the countless performances around the world and his popularity as an international star, he has been nominated for the Cometa Magico Award and has just been hired by the prestigious Vampire Circus ( to perform with his character of Van Helsing. He is a much sought after performer and has contracts through most of 2013.

Alexander Blade continues to delight his audience worldwide


Alexander Blade,
     the man who creates for you a miracle,
           not an illusion!





Alexander Blade, the man who creates for you a miracle, not an illusion.
Alexander Blade, el hombre que les ofrece un milagro, no una ilusion.